Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend a season of your life focused on seeking the face of God with no distractions?  DHOP offers 3 internships to help you in this pursuit.  The purpose of these internships is to further prepare individuals of all ages as sons and daughters, intercessors, worshipers, messengers, singers, and musicians to go after the heart of God.

Intro to DHOP

The Intro to DHOP internship is a small group journey into the prayer movement and heart of DHOP. This course is designed to give you a small taste of several core teachings offered at DHOP, as well as providing an on-ramp to further involvement with DHOP.

You will receive an introductory understanding in six main areas: Intercession; History of  the Prayer Movement; Vision & Values of DHOP; Biblical Meditation; Harp and Bowl Training (Why and How) and much more.

Start Date: TBA

Time Commitment:  8 weeks

Commitment Days: Sundays from 7pm to 9:30pm

Price: $80.00

Note: We do not want the price to be a deterrent to those who desire to be involved in this internship.  Please speak with the administration department in regards to payment plans or financial aid (email


The Furnace Internship

The Furnace Internship is our extended internship for those who feel called to become involved with DHOP.   Their primary focus is to pursue new levels of intimacy with God. Through this internship students will grow in their identity as mature sons and daughters of God and will be given practical tools to help fuel their pursuit of the Lord.

This internship has three separate tracks and each student will choose one track to become involved in.  Track One is The Prayer Track and is for those who desire to become involved in some form of Prayer at DHOP or specifically become a Prayer Leader in our weekly prayer furnace.   Track Two is The  Worship Track.  This track is for those who desire to be involved either as a singer, musician or worship leader.  Track Three is the Media Track for those who desire to become equipped in sound, graphics or social media.  Furnace interns will be involved in a variety of facets at DHOP including personal times of devotion in the prayer room, participating in corporate intercession sets, a retreat, classroom time and assisting in helps ministry at DHOP and in the region.

Prerequisite: Intro to DHOP course

Start Date: Sunday May 24th

Time Commitment: 3 months


Fuel Internship

The Fuel Internship is for those who desire to go deeper in prayer, intercession and worship but have limited availability.  This 8 week internship will give you tools to help fuel your pursuit of the Lord through teaching and time in the prayer room.  Topics covered will include: Foundations of Prophetic Intercession; Prayer Devotion and Prophetic Worship.

Start Date: TBD (Please contact us with  your interest)

Time Commitment: TBD

Price: TBD