Regional Intercession and/or WWTW Set
8pm – 10pm Various Worship Leaders

Note: Schedule is subject to change’ please check the Home page advertising board for schedule updates. Thank you!

Prayer Formats:

Devotional – This format is a time of personal reflection, prayer, study, and meditation.  Typically this involves a single musician worshipping the Lord.  Participants are invited to soak quietly in the presence of the Lord.

Intercession – This corporate two-hour has a specific prayer focus.  Individuals are welcome to pray on the microphone to be a part of releasing the burden corporately.  Intercession is regionally focused but at times will include national and international themes. There are also cycles of “rapid fire prayer” when, one by one, intercessors pray 15-second prayers on a specific theme, and times of small group prayer for those who wish to participate.

Worship With the Word (WWTW) – In this format we agree with God’s heart as we sing biblical truths of who God is and what He promises to do.  This worship set involves a focus on one specific passage or theme by singing through key verses from that passage or about that theme. These sets create a more conducive environment for meditating on the word and contemplative prayer.