Partner With Us


Dear Partner:

We are extremely excited to offer you the opportunity to partner with DHOP in raising up the house of prayer in the Durham Region. We do this by equipping prayer missionaries and musicians whose full-time occupation is to cry out to God for our region and nation! Committed to this calling, our goal can only be reached through the support of people like you who believe in the prayer movement and will commit to stand alongside of us.

In grateful appreciation of those who help sustain this movement, we would like to offer the opportunity to support DHOP in three areas:


Prayer Partnering:

Prayer changes the world! We invite you to join Christians throughout the nation of Canada, supporting the prayer movement by partnering with us in prayer. Click on the “Prayer” link to find regional, national and international prayer mandates. You can also click on the following link and let us know you would like to partner with DHOP personally in prayer.

Click here and let us know of your interest


Financial Partnering:

Financial gifts open doors of opportunity for DHOP.  100% of these funds directly benefit the prayer room. There are no other offerings or revenues received to support this ministry, so every gift makes a difference.  Partners can give on a regular basis or with a one-time gift.   The biggest way you can help is to partner with us on a monthly basis.  Would you consider partnering with DHOP in the raising up of a house of prayer with a monthly gift of $30, $50, $120, $500 or even $1000?

You can donate on line (click here) or you can also mail checks payable to Durham House of Prayer. Please mail cheques to: DHOP,  416 Taunton Rd. West, Oshawa, ON L1H 7K4.

Click here and let us know of your interest


Getting the Word Out:

Part of the challenge as a prayer ministry is that people are unaware of who we are and what we do. But with modern day technology spreading the word has become much easier. Partner with us by spreading the awareness of DHOP. Sign up for our newsletter and share it with your friends. We are also on Twitter, Myspace and Facebook. Just click on the link bellow and connect to any of them. Invite us to be your friend and suggest your friends to do the same.

Maybe you can not afford to offer financial gift at this time, or maybe you would love to pray and know others who have the same heart. We ask that you would let others know about this site and help direct them to visit.

No matter which way you choose to partner with us, we thank you for your support and adding fire to furnace of prayer in the Durham Region!

Click here and let us know of your interest