Musicians: Worship is a vital part of what we do at DHOP. Even as those in the Tabernacle of David were “trained and skilled music for the Lord” (1 Chr. 25:6-7 ), we pursue a spirit of excellence in our worship. We are looking for musicians and singers with a spirit of commitment to the prayer movement and a reasonable level of musical giftedness.

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Prayer Leaders

Prayer Leaders: God is raising up a global prayer movement across all the earth today. Would you like to be a part of this group of committed people who are adding fuel to the fire of prayer? If you have a passion to see the Kingdom of God move in power all over the Durham Region, then we need you. We are seeking people who are committed to the prayer movement to join DHOP in night and day prayer (Luke 18:7).

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Technical Support

Media Support: Biblically, worship is not limited to singers and musicians but included artisans, craftsmen and scribes. Once again God is raising up an army of worshippers with various gifting and talents. We are seeking people who have a heart for prayer, a spirit of excellence and are willing to use their talents in graphic arts, sound, writing and technology to further the prayer movement.

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