Lorna and DHOP are vital players in what God is doing in the Durham Region. Their faithfulness in prayer, intercession, and worship in the “hidden” place is paving the way for the open, tangible manifestation of the Kingdom of God in the region. DHOP’s ability to hear from God and to discern what are the areas of prayer and intercession is very evident. DHOP is not about DHOP – it’s about seeing God glorified in the Durham Region – releasing the Church to live in the fullness of it’s God-ordained destiny, and releasing the people, systems, and structures of the region to live in the design God has foreordained.

Miguel Sanchez
Durham Jesus
Christians from all walks of life praying and working together for the peace and prosperity of the Durham Region


Lorna and her team a new breed of modern monastics.  Their words and worship carry weight and spiritual authority – they are truly ones “who have been with Jesus”.  They have consistently and faithfully given themselves to the King and to His Kingdom.  I am honored to be numbered among their colleagues and friends.

Rev. Jill Weber
Director, Greater Ontario House of Prayer


The faithful and skilled worship and intercession of the Durham House of Prayer has opened up a portal into the heavenlies…and has become a “place of His Presence”.  There is a rich, cultivated deposit of knowing the Lord and an impassioned heart of worship that marks this ministry.  My privileged experience with Lorna McDougall  in many settings of ministry has actually been an extension of the flow of the Durham House of Prayer.  I value what the Lord has established in the Durham region.  This ministry is part of the Spirit-raised “gatehouse” into the entire Greater Toronto Area. Their worship and intercession is beckoning the Presence of the King through that Gate into the City of Toronto…and through Toronto the nations of the world.

Rev. Peggy I. Kennedy
Sounding a prophetic voice to Canada and beyond


I have known Lorna for over 20 years and have always known her to be a woman of integrity and purpose. She is a woman who has a heart to worship and to bring people past the outer courts into the Holy of Holies where they can be in awe of God’s grandeur. I am happy to call her a friend. The team at DHOP are specialists at what they do. They are hardworking, dedicated and passionate about seeing God’s Kingdom manifested on earth. I have a soft spot for the Durham region as I am from there. I am encouraged and full of expectation knowing that DHOP is diligently petitioning heaven on behalf of the people who live there.

Deon Malloy
Center of Hope International Church
Giving Hope to Toronto and Abroad