Durham House of Prayer is an emerging prayer furnace serving the Body of Christ in the Durham region.  Our vision is “seeking God, seeing transformation night and day.”

Our mission is:

  1. To encounter the heart of God personally in prayer and worship (Psalm 27:4,8).  When the first commandment is first in our lives, then we know His heart for others in a greater way
  2. To fuel passion for Jesus by equipping believers in a lifestyle of prayer and intimacy.  God is raising up a generation that is wholehearted in its pursuit (Psalm 24:6).  We believe God is the only one who can satisfy this pursuit  in the place of prayer.  He draws us to the place of prayer because He desires to communicate His intentions. (Gary Wiens)
  3. To cover the Durham Region with an on-going canopy of prayer and worship.  The spiritual atmosphere of our region will be changed with increased prayer.
  4. To pursue regional unity (Psalm 133), connecting the body of Christ together.

The Lord promises to bring about speedy justice to those who cry out to Him day and night (Luke 18:7).  Our desire is to keep the fire of prayer and worship burning continuously in the region (Isaiah 56:7).

We invite musicians, artists, dancers and anyone with a similar passion for His presence to join with us.

Lorna McDougall


Lorna McDougall has lived in the Durham Region for a long time, experiencing the ebbs and flows of ministry.  She has led worship for over 25 years in the region and has travelled extensively in Canada and beyond.  Her passion is to see this generation released into greater intimacy with God but also to see generations coming together to seek the Lord in prayer and worship.  She has been involved in a variety of ministries  and initiatives, including Pray GTA, Tehillah Toronto, Durham Jesus, Watchmen for the Nations and The Cry Movement.